This tractor has retained the main advantages of a classic energy-saturated tractor with a breaking frame
It is highly reliable, with main tractor components familiar to any mechanic, and has high repairability. The tractor features a modern two-seat cab with a centrally positioned driver's seat and a side-folding seat.

Air conditioning is included in the basic configuration, while the circular panoramic glazing improves visibility for the operator.
This tractor configuration is equipped with engines from the Yaroslavl Motor Plant.

All the tractor's components are painted with powder enamels, with prior shot blasting treatment and drying in a painting chamber.

Technical specifications
Engine model
Number and arrangement of cylinders
Displacement, liters
Nominal power, hp
Nominal rotational speed, rpm
Clutch coupling
Number of gears for front/rear drive
Speed of movement of the front drive, km/h
8, V-shaped
Dry two-disk YMZ
Mechanical with hydroficated gear shifting on the go without breaking the power flow
3,72 – 31,00
Power take-off rotation speed, rpm
Rear-mounted attachment
Hydraulic system of the attachment
Type of pump
Flow rate, L/min
Nominal pressure, bar
Number of hydraulic outlets
Length, Width, Height, mm
1000 or 540
Two-cylinder lifting capacity up to 6000 kg
21.3 R24
6500, 2440, 3170
Independent two speed
Rear power take-off shaft
Ground clearance, mm
Weight, kg
Center distance, mm
4x4, rear-wheel drive with selectable four-wheel drive
180 hp
240 hp
23.1 R26
ЯМЗ-236М2 / ЯМЗ-238М2
180 / 240 л.с.
21.3 R24 / 23.1 R26
8460 / 8980
Quality is in the details
Central positioning of the driver's seat
The tractor features a user-friendly two-seat cab with a centrally positioned driver's seat and a side-folding passenger seat
Modern air conditioning system
To ensure driver comfort and quality work in any weather conditions, the air conditioning system is already included in the basic configuration. The Yaroslavets cab has panoramic glazing
Ergonomics of control
Yaroslavets is equipped with a convenient placement of gear shifters and hydraulic system switches. Mirror heating is included in the basic configuration
High-capacity hitch
Yaroslavets has a rear hitch with increased load capacity, and a front hitch can be installed upon the customer's request
To expand the functionality of agricultural machinery, depending on the specifics of the farm, tractors are supplemented with mounted equipment. These are devices that allow for complex work in the field such as plowing, cultivation, harrowing, seeding, and harvesting.

In addition to Yaroslavets tractors, we also manufacture additional equipment that you can purchase from us.
Tyre size
Overall width of the tractor
Overall height
Ground clearance
1.6 meters
1 meter
3,5 meters
3,2 meters
52 cm under the reducers
40 cm under the attachment
Rear grader blade
Working width
Working height
Offset beyond the tractor's lateral dimension
Offset sideways from the front turning axis
Blade thickness
Turning angle
3 meters
0,7 meters
1,5 meters
2,6 meters
8 mm
up to 45 degrees
400 kg
Front bulldozer blade
Working width
Working height
Increase in tractor length dimensions
Number of hydraulic/turning cylinders
Number of hydraulic/lifting cylinders
Thickness of the main blade plate of the blade
Thickness of the working blade
Additional stops at extreme pivot positions
3/2,7/2,5 meters
90 cm
1 meter
8 mm
16 mm
Silage compactor
Number of disks
Diameter of working disks
Height to central shaft
Central ballast shaft with the possibility of filling with water
Weight without water
Equipped with a coupling device, storage supports, and reflective elements
3 meters
1,4 meters
75 cm
16 cm
0,4 m3 (400 kg)
600 kg
Dual tires
Wheel spacers and bolts increase the overall width of the tractor on each side by +75 cm
Segmented rim rubber for split wheels
In addition to the equipment mentioned above, we also install engine block heaters, additional cabin heaters, hydraulic couplings, hood insulation, hydraulic attachments, and other items upon your request.

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